About us

They say if you love someone don't try to change them

We don't entirely agree.

We started with a genuine love of peanut butter and an obsession with making it as good as it can possibly be. This journey has taken us far beyond peanuts, salt and (shudder) palm oil.


We have no investors and sell only directly or through independent retailers and markets. This allows us to maintain the quality in our ingredients and manufacturing process. It also keeps us close to the people enjoying the product. We want to know firsthand what you love, what you don’t and what you want next.


Peanut butter can be traced back hundreds of years to both Africa and South America but it was the USA who truly made it their own. Today nearly 90% of American households have a jar in their cupboard vs 40% in the UK and far less in other parts of Europe.

Despite many of us acquiring their addiction, there has been a pushback in recent years against some of the more highly processed, hydrogenated, sugar-laced peanut butter imports and desire to return to origins. Peanuts and salt (or even just peanuts), run through a grinder and jarred. This has been a revelation in how amazing peanut butter can be when left to stand alone. Whilst innovation can sometimes means going back, our aim is to try and take it forward again and see where we end up.

"Healthy" or Healthy

Our approach to health has always been to focus on diverse, quality, whole ingredients with minimal processing. For most people, a healthy diet is one which contains a wide range of quality foods and trying to get healthy by gorging on 'healthy' parts and avoiding 'unhealthy' parts often has the opposite effect. Our philosophy is one of balance. We use quality ingredients to make the best possible products which all offer rich and diverse nutritional value. That is what healthy means to us!

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