What is this stuff?

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NUTJAM is peanut butter but not necessarily as you know it. We have created a unique selection of products that takes delicious peanut butter and through a magic process of blending in high quality, whole, natural ingredients, takes it to whole new heights.

Why is it so great?

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For 3 reasons

1- The only things that go into NUTJAM are whole, natural ingredients that look, sound and taste like actual food. No preservatives and no chemical processing of any kind

2- All of our products are unique. We make everything in in small batches using our own methods to create products that are distinctly our own

3- We are fiercely independent. Our customers are our only priority. If you message us we will reply and we want to hear from you!

Isn’t peanut butter fine just the way it is?

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We LOVE peanut butter.

NUTJAM was born out of an obsession with trying to make peanut butter as amazing as it can be and that is still the core of everything we do. We realised that by blending in carefully chosen, quality ingredients, we can bring whole new depth and complexity to the food we love.

Will the oil separate out in my peanut butter?

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It might do a little. By not using palm oil or heavy processing, a bit of oil separation is unavoidable but it is usually very minimal in all our products.

No smooth?

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Not right now. We have worked really hard to try and make the texture in each product really enjoyable and balanced.

If you are really missing smooth let us know but give them a try first and let us try to change your mind!

Is it healthy?

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Everything we make has rich nutritional content and is made from only high quality, whole, natural ingredients with minimal processing. That is our definition of super healthy.

What kind of shelf life does it have?

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We will put the exact date on the jar but all of our products will happily sit on a shelf for a similar length of time as any other peanut butter.

Does it require refrigeration?

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No- you can keep all our products in your cupboard at room temperature. You can keep it in the fridge if you like it and it will keep a little longer. Some people even prefer it that way! Madness.

Can I buy them in shops?

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Sometimes. We work with a few independent online and offline retailers but no huge supermarkets


I have a dietary restriction. Can I eat them?

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Peanut allergies: Turn back now. Our whole range is peanut-based. Sorry!

Tree Nut allergies: We use coconut oil in several of our products. Please check the ingredients before ordering if this is likely to impact you.

Gluten-Free/Celiac: Our products are all naturally gluten-free. There is a small chance of traces being present which could impact those with highly sensitive allergic reactions

Dairy-free: We do not use dairy in any of our products. There is a small chance of traces being present which could impact those with highly sensitive allergic reactions

Vegetarian: All our products are vegetarian-friendly

Vegan: Several of our products use flower honey and are therefore not strictly vegan. Be sure to check the ingredients prior to ordering

Do you ever sneak in some refined sugar, preservatives or palm oil

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Is coconut oil bad for you

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Coconut oil has been both lauded as a magic ‘superfood’ and demonised for having saturated fats. The reality is likely that neither is totally accurate. 

Saturated fats have long got a bad reputation but the evidence base behind this was thin and the tide is shifting against this overly-simplified stance. In reality high quality, organic coconut oil, eaten in moderation is absolutely fine and there is good evidence that the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) it contains have a wide range of health benefits. 

Do you use organic ingredients

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Many, but not all of our ingredients are organic. We select organic products when we feel it gives a superior product or an important improvement in agricultural practices. We do, for example, always use organic coconut oil and organic cocoa.


What kind of packaging will my peanut butter come in

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We use recycled glass jars with metal lids. Both are inert and infinitely recyclable.

Why glass jars rather than plastic

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We use glass jars rather than plastic for 2 reasons:

Environmental. Glass is infinitely recyclable which means we can use a recycled product ourselves which can then be recycled on and on without creating any new waste or by-products. 

Plastic however can only be downcycled, which means its quality declines until it is no longer recyclable and ends up in a landfill. Plastic in landfills is especially bad as they leach toxic chemicals into the environment and then ultimately become microplastics which are directly responsible for significant global water, soil and air pollution.

Neither are perfect but glass is undoubtedly the better of the 2

Quality. Glass is the superior product. We don't cut corners or skimp out on anything else we do for our customers so why start with the packaging!

Can I recycle my NUTJAM packaging

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Every single thing in the box you receive can be recycled. The box, the jar, the protective packaging. Send nothing to the landfill if you can help it!


Can you ship internationally?

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Sorry not right now. Let us know if you are interested though and we will keep a tally of who wants it first!

How long will my jars take to arrive

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We will almost always despatch within 24 of the order coming in. It should then be with you within 2 working days. Drop us a message if it is running late and we will chase it up. 

Customer Service

What should I do if I get the wrong order?

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Firstly- sorry!

Just drop us an email or send us a DM on social and we will sort it out for you as quickly as we possibly can.

What should I do if my jars arrived damaged?

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Hopefully this is very unusual as we wrap the jars up really securely but accidents happen if it happens to you, drop us an email or a DM on social and we will get right on it

I am interested in stocking NUTJAM in my shop. Can I?

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Drop us a message and we are happy to discuss

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