We are only as good as our products and our products are only as good their ingredients. Knowing this makes us obsessive about understanding, researching and testing everything that goes into everything we make.

We are passionate about quality and taste but equally so about the importance of eating a range of whole, natural foods to health and wellbeing. Everything we make is made from the brilliant ingredients below. All of our products are also naturally wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.


We use whole, Argentinian peanuts. We roast and blend the nuts in small batches using different techniques then bring them together to achieve our unique taste and texture.


We use a fine grain mediterranean sea salt harvested near Greece with no added chemicals or preservatives. Unlike table salt, this has a complex mineral structure which gives it a more subtle and complex flavour.


We use both solid and powdered cocoa but always organic and always of the highest quality. The cocoa is obtained from toasted, hulled and ground cocoa beans. Nothing else.


We use wildflower honey due to its unique, floral taste. It also has a greater number of antioxidants and has been credited with a number of beneficial antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut Oil

We use organic coconut oil made from fresh, edible coconuts grown in the Philippines. We use coconut oil in about half our products to ensure that they are always perfectly spreadable and creamy.


We use whole, locally grown porridge oats with a distinctly creamy, nutty flavour and toast them gently in small batches to bring them to life.


We use whole, Iranian dates which are unusually plump, rich and sticky. Our dates are high in fibre and polyphenols as well as calcium, vitamin K, magnesium, selenium and folate.


We use whole bananas with no added sugars, acids, oils or sulphites. They are super-sweet and have a powerful, rich banana taste that runs perfectly alongside peanuts


We use whole, organic Thompson raisins as they are the highest quality, juiciest and sweetest we could find. They lend a great chewy texture and a satisfying, clean, sweetness.

Cocoa Butter

We use organic cocoa butter extracted from Criollo Peruvian cocoa beans. The beans are fermented, roasted and then pressed to separate the butter. The butter it produces has an intense chocolatey flavour that we love.


We use whole cherries with no added sugar, sweetener, oils or sulphites. We use sour cherries which give a brilliant, chewy texture with a sharp tartness and a subtle sweet aftertaste.


We use vanilla ground from whole vanilla beans and nothing else. The beans themselves are ethically sourced and organically farmed by Papua New Guinea (PNG) micro-farmer cooperative


We use whole strawberries with no added sugars, acids, oils or sulphites. They are naturally sweet and pack a huge strawberry punch


We use Ceylon cinnamon rather than Cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is often referred to a 'true' cinnamon and as well as a sweeter, softer taste it naturally contains less coumarin .


We use whole oranges with no added sugars, acids, oils or sulphites. Even in small quantities the flavour is powerful and the sharpness cuts through the sweetness of peanuts brilliantly

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