it's the little things

True joy comes from the strangest places. We may not always want to admit it but a new vacuum cleaner or a kitchen knife brings more joy to our lives than 'big' things ever could. Owning a boat is a pain, owning a comfy pair of shoes is amazing.

It is with this in mind that we set up a subscription service for all our peanut butters and bundles. Our subscribers always have a guaranteed source of joy waiting in the cupboard and knowing that is worth more than a boat.

Join our gang

4 great reasons why you should set up a NUTJAM subscription...

1- New subscribers get a free NUTJAM spreading knife with their first box (and we'll happily send you another if you lose it)

2- We prioritise our subscribers when stocks are running low. We make everything in small batches and sometimes sell out. Subscribers gets dibs on the last ones.

3- Bigger discounts. On top of the price breaks that we offer for bigger orders, subscribers save an addditional 10% on all products

4- Super flexible. You can easily cancel, skip weeks, amend dates or whatever suits. No commitment and no contracts.

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